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• Peg Bag Option
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy | Swedish Fish | Sour Patch Kids |Atomic Bon Bons| Airhead Gummies

• Airhead Bar Option
Cherry | Blue raspberry  | White mystery | Watermelon | Green apple

• Chocolate Bar Option
Caramello |Whatchamacallit | Baby ruth Bar | Butterfinger

• Theatre Box Option
Mike&Ike Mega Mix | Mike&Ike Original | Hot Tamales | Warhead Worms | Sour Patch Kids Extreme Sour

• Hostess Cake Option
Twinkie | Hohos | Ding dong | Cupcake

• Candy Pack Option

M&M’s Cookies | White Chocolate M&ms | Peanut Butter M&ms | Nerds | Pop Rocks | Airhead Gum